Letter to the Editor: Security Camera Could Help Reduce Crime in Hotspots


Good afternoon, community members.

I am a longtime member of our community of Chehalis and I have noticed that in many instances, it appears that I encountered suspicious people or activities in many public locations.

Two areas where I have noticed a high volume of suspicious activities are the interstate (during early or overnight hours) and the Stan Hedwall Park's river, public facilities and near the batting cages.

I do recognize the challenge of staying vigilant 24/7 to prevent the spread of these crimes. But I feel if the city were to invest in solar powered security cameras and place them in these locations, it will help reduce crime and bring awareness to who is causing these problems. I'm sorry for bringing this concern to your attention, but it's something I feel we as a community would greatly benefit from.

Thank you for your time.


Poncio Pulido

Lewis County