Letter to the Editor: Seniors Treated Unfairly


This is in response to a letter in Tuesday’s edition titled “Disregard for Dignity of Seniors Needs to Stop.”

The trouble started when the Department of Licensing couldn’t find me in the system to renew my driver’s license. This happened at the same time as I was trying to get a COVID-19 vaccine at age 75. 

Also, the president, instead of sending the last incentive payment to my bank account, decided to send me a debit card that looked like junk mail or a scam. I nearly threw it away. It took three and a half months to get the vaccine, two months to renew my driver’s license, and because I had no legal ID, I was told I could not deposit the debit card into my bank account. 

Then, this year, I tried filing my taxes online but the IRS couldn’t find my info from last year. I was forced to file by paper. I filed on Feb. 14 and I have not received my tax refund yet. I called the same number that letter writer Margie Miller called and got the same results. 

I have gone to the IRS website to “Where’s My Refund” and it tells me I have entered wrong information. I called some lawmakers and got nowhere.

There are plenty of us experiencing this and I believe it is age discrimination. I will not vote for anyone who doesn’t resolve this fiasco. I will vote for whoever gets my refund into my bank account or I won’t vote for anyone. 


Jeanetta McMenamy