Letter to the Editor: Snaza a Passionate Sheriff Who Makes an Impact


Current Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza makes an impact on residents of Lewis County daily. I will admit I have personal intimate knowledge of the sheriff’s office; therefore, I may be more vested than the average voter. I will also admit I have worked alongside the sheriff for the last 21 years.

During the last 21 years, I have not been perfect and neither has the sheriff. Sheriff Snaza has held me accountable for my actions when necessary and held himself accountable for his when he makes mistakes. I have also seen the sheriff hold others in the department accountable. This has not always been taken well and some of those employees have moved on.

My intention here is to give the voters an inside glimpse of Sheriff Snaza from my perspective.

The first word that comes to mind when I think about Snaza is “passion.” His passion for protecting the citizens of Lewis County is unmatched. I have told the sheriff several times that I think he sleeps in his uniform, just in case someone in the community or sheriff’s office needs him.

Snaza has been an effective leader, not just as sheriff but throughout his career at the sheriff’s office. He has been relentless in his pursuit to hold those that victimize residents of Lewis County accountable. Snaza often can be found helping his patrol deputies. He takes time to listen to employees’ problems and concerns. I also sometimes ask myself if every citizen has the sheriff’s cellphone number.

Snaza has had to make some difficult decisions during his tenure as sheriff. Some have been personnel decisions, which have not been popular with employees who feel entitled. While I have not agreed with every decision the sheriff has made, I can say he has always had the best interest of the citizens and sheriff office in mind.

If you think for one minute Sheriff Snaza does not want to participate in any program that would benefit the sheriff’s office and residents of Lewis County, then you don’t know him very well. Yes, the sheriff has had to put some programs on hold and reorganize others while he builds staffing levels back up. The sheriff has been able to hire several excellent employees recently and is in the process of getting those employees out on patrol. Doing this will allow Snaza to readdress these programs and decide how to best serve the residents of Lewis County.


Jeff Humphrey