Letter to the Editor: Snaza and Sheriff’s Office Administrators Are What the County Needs


I've never considered myself a political person, and probably never will. I spent 12 years in the military and worked on several Department of Defense contracts, many of which were overseas. One thing the military taught me is the importance of great leadership, and I've had the pleasure of serving with some of the finest people this great country has to offer. After leaving the military and private contracting sector, I knew I wanted to start a career in law enforcement. I didn't know where I wanted to work, so I started applying everywhere. I was contacted and offered the opportunity to apply for a position as a corrections deputy for the Lewis County Sheriff's Office. Working in a jail wasn't really what I had in mind, but I thought I could work there while I continued looking for law enforcement positions elsewhere.

Once I met Sheriff Rob Snaza and the members of his administration, I knew this was where I wanted to work. I decided not to apply anywhere else and worked toward becoming a patrol deputy for this agency. Sheriffs come and go, but I truly wanted to work for Lewis County and be deputized by Sheriff Snaza.

I'm drawn to great leaders and always will be; it's who I am. From top to bottom, the Lewis County Sheriff's Office is full of great leaders. Like anything else, you may disagree with how someone does something or how the media portrays it. I have 100% faith in our current administration and "I'll follow them anywhere."

I can speak to many incidents where the sheriff has been my cover deputy. I've run into muddy ditches with a commander in his dress uniform and fought my way through a wooded area with an operations chief dressed for the office. This administration leads from the front. Regardless of the situation, I know they will be there. Sheriff Snaza and his administration are the leaders this county needs.

Good leadership is here and there, but great leadership is rare. It takes passion, commitment and a fierce desire. Sheriff Snaza is someone who wants our community to thrive and is a leader of public safety through professional service. Although some people may say otherwise, please know, I have never been told not to assist another agency or to stay away from a certain area. I am a Lewis County Sheriff’s Office deputy and will spend the rest of my career serving and protecting all citizens of Lewis County, regardless of the municipality you fall in; and my administration supports it.

Most will say this is biased because I work for Sheriff Snaza, and perhaps it is. However, I've been told "atta-boy" as well as "what the heck?" I've been recognized and I've been disciplined. At the end of the day, I feel truly blessed to work for the Lewis County Sheriff's Office and the Snaza Administration.


Andrew Yocom