Letter to the Editor: Snaza Has Run His Course — It’s Time for a Change


I am writing in response to the accusation that candidate Tracy Murphy did not attend the “homeless hearing.” The writer’s complaint inadvertently pointed out exactly what is wrong with Sheriff Rob Snaza. Snaza spends his time on politics trying to make policy when he should be concentrating on enforcing the law. While we are awash in drugs and thieves, Snaza is fighting with other politicians instead of doing the job he was elected to do.

Tracy Murphy doesn’t look at us as Democrats or Republicans. He looks at us as law abiding orcriminals. And that is exactly as it should be and the way it was under past sheriffs John McCroskey and Steve Mansfield.

This same writer had a previous letter posted where he made several statements that have already been proven to be false. Most Republican candidates don’t join the party membership or attend meetings prior to running. “He first visited the Democratic Party before reaching out to the Republican Party” is a lie. Murphy publicly stated he would meet with anyone who was willing to listen to him. Carol Brock from the Democratic Party took him up on that offer and met him for coffee at Fiddlers. That is hardly the Democratic Party, and from what I understand, she assumed he was a Democrat because it is typically unheard of to challenge an incumbent. Murphy was at the May 2 Republican meeting and didn’t attend the Democrat meeting until May 26. To this day, he has not been endorsed by Brock or the Democratic Party.

After watching the debate, I don’t know how anyone would even consider keeping our current sheriff. Snaza was defensive and angry most of the time. He threw out speculation toward the Murphy campaign over negative campaigning with no proof. Have we all forgotten that Snaza threw the first punch when he stood up at a Republican meeting in March and called Tracy Murphy, his “good friend of 30 years,” a slimy democrat, when he knows that is a lie?

Snaza claimed to be “brothers in blue” with Tracy yet he failed to have Tracy’s back when Brandon Svenson, the Lewis County Republican chairman went after Tracy Murphy and launched a wadded-up paper ball at him. Svenson was utterly disrespectful to Sgt. Murphy, and Snaza just sat there smiling and drinking from his water bottle.

Snaza spoke like a true politician rambling about all the things he has done for us and all the things he wants to do for us. He’s had eight years and the only thing he has to show for it is programs that he shut down.

Now that things are coming out about how Snaza is truly running the sheriff’s office, like the bungled murder in Packwood and the Nelson case, he has nothing left to offer but to sick a few of his deputies on the Murphy family to distract the issues.

Snaza has run his course. It’s time for change. Vote Tracy Murphy for sheriff.


Darren Sabin