Letter to the Editor: Snaza Is Our Last Line of Defense Against an Ever-Encroaching Government


I am concerned with the current political climate in the state of Washington. We have Democrats running as Republicans because the left has realized that the policies that they and the “moderate” Republicans have put in place have been disastrous for our state, from legalizing hard drugs, not holding criminals accountable for their actions, defunding our police, the massive regulations on our small businesses to allowing our governor unending and unchecked unconstitutional powers to shut down our schools, businesses and our lives. All while allowing big box stores to stay open and allow protesters and criminals to run rampant. 

Thank God we have Sheriff Rob Snaza, who stood up for our constitutional rights and pushed back against Gov. Jay Inslee’s mandates that had no scientific basis or constitutional authority to justify those orders. These rules and mandates (not laws) were unconstitutional.

Lewis County is very fortunate to have Sheriff Snaza as our last line of defense against an ever-encroaching government. Sheriff Snaza has proven he has our backs and now we must show him that we have his as well. 

The crazy leftist and the so-called “moderate” Republicans will stop at nothing to attack his character and try to muddy his name (even some so-called journalists are attempting this).  Do not let them fool you. They attack him because they cannot win on merit alone.

Tracy Murphy is inexperienced and dangerous to Lewis County; I am told he has even told a group of Republicans in East Lewis County that he would have enforced Inslee’s mandates because they were law (a mandate is not a law). We cannot afford to have a sheriff that doesn’t understand the difference between a mandate and a law.

Sheriff Snaza does not care about your political affiliations or your wealth. His job is to protect the citizens of Lewis County and to apply the law equally and constitutionally. Those are the traits of a great sheriff. Murphy may be a good officer for the City of Centralia and may even be a good person, but he is beholden to a mayor, a city council and clearly the federal agencies he works with, but not to the people he is supposed to serve and certainly not the constitution.

Case in point: Murphy currently works closely with the Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team (JNET). His department benefits from the federal cash that relationship allows his department and goes so far as to have a couple of officers on permanent staff with JNET. 

JNET doesn’t sound so bad, right? 

Well, the problem is that it opens your city, town, county or state to federal agencies that have no business operating in our state. We have local law enforcement who swore an oath to the people of our state and not to the ever-changing federal administration. 

The last line of defense between the people and a tyrannical government is a constitutional sheriff. It is crystal clear that Murphy would erase that line.  Protect your family and re-elect the people’s sheriff. 

Just my two cents.


Joanna Aaron