Letter to the Editor: Snaza Provided Hope for My Successful Recovery


I have been following the campaign for Lewis County sheriff since it began. Rob Snaza will forever hold my vote and I’ll tell you why in a bit. There is another great guy running for candidacy and that’s Tracy Murphy.

Both Rob Snaza and Tracy Murphy have been in law enforcement for many years and they both deserve respect. Too often do I read comments criticizing and demoralizing these great men. Soon one or the other will be your sheriff of Lewis County. Law enforcement officers are available to provide us with safety and the services we need to live better lives. They need our support now more than ever. This brings me to why in my opinion Rob Snaza is the man for sheriff and why it is imperative that you vote for him.

I met Rob Snaza when I was hanging with people on the wrong side of the law. I still remember the first words ever spoken to me by him. I will never forget those words. Without people such as Rob Snaza, employees at Cascade Mental Health and professors at Centralia College such as Zach Peters, I would not be where I am today.

Today I am sober. I went back to college at 38 and acquired my associate’s degree in welding. I have a great job with Local 86 as a union ironworker. I won’t stop here. I plan to get into law enforcement and have an impact on one person’s life like Snaza has impacted my life. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the people who believe that there is a drug and mental health crisis in Lewis County that needs to be addressed.

Rob Snaza is an active part in the drug and mental health crisis response. These people need help. They are humans too. Drugs and mental health are a big percentage of Lewis County that should continue to be addressed. We cannot sweep them under the carpet. We can provide hope for recovery however by voting Rob Snaza for Lewis County sheriff.


Amy Eitel