Letter to the Editor: Snaza Right on Guns; Columnist Wrong on Trump Supporters


The Chronicle’s May 18 Opinion page contains two articles that require a response.

Sheriff Rob Snaza swore an oath that requires him to uphold the Constitution. It did not require him to uphold the governor or the president or the Legislature or the supreme court if any of these persons or entities create laws which violate the Constitution.

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution or in the Washington state Constitution is it "explicitly enshrined" that the supreme court is the final authority about the constitutionality of laws. Letter writer Gregory McHenry has every right to disagree with Sheriff Snaza about his suggesting Lewis County become a "Second Amendment Sanctuary County," but labeling Sheriff Snaza's proposal as "less honorable" and that "people are equivalent to the fuel, catalyzed with the gun" are positions that are political statements that insult our sheriff and imply that law-abiding citizens become criminals if they are allowed to bear arms. I am happy to see in the May 15 edition of The Chronicle that Chad Taylor, publisher and owner of The Chronicle, expressed support for our sheriff.

About 75 million Americans voted for President Donald J. Trump in the last election. Somehow he did not get reelected. So Joe Biden is our president now. And President Biden is "fundamentally changing our country."

So, columnist Julie McDonald says the 75 million Americans who voted for President Donald J. Trump are described by the following statements:

• "And the Republican Party has joined him hook, line, and sinker."

• "Today the Republican Party embraces haters."

• Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler "blamed Trump's hateful rhetoric for sparking the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection."

• "President Trump frequently spewed hateful rhetoric."

• "His supporters discounted his nasty tweets."

• "Hypocrisy reigns."

• "The party of hate, the party of deranged lies has no place in my life."

More quotes from Julie McDonald's May 18 Commentary:

• "Any candidate who believes Trump's delusional lie — that the election was stolen — has no grounding in reality and therefore no business holding public office or running our government."

• "Strong women and men who refuse to buy into Trump's fantasy, knowing they'll face a backlash from the former president and his sycophants."

• "The party of hate."

Julie McDonald's May 18 commentary contains a lot of "let’s dislike Trump and let’s label his 75 million voters as haters, members of the party of deranged lies and hate and sycophants.”

Ms. McDonald, would you please publish a commentary in which you list the lies, hatefulrhetoric, nasty tweets, hypocrisy, deranged lies and delusional lies? And please provide proof that there were no irregularities in the perfect 2020 presidential election.

I think you may be watching too much CNN. And you greatly disrespect 75 million Trump voters.

And now we have Marxist government. (I say that based on observable evidence.)


Michael Kimbrel