Letter to the Editor: Something Must Be Done About Downtown Chehalis Parking


Regarding the the story published in Thursday’s edition titled “Chehalis Council Discusses Possible Change in Parking Regulations in Downtown District”:

I certainly hope that the council does something about parking downtown! I prefer to shop local and support our downtown businesses as much as possible, but it is hard to do when there are no parking spots for shoppers! 

Many times I drive through downtown Chehalis looking for a convenient spot to park but am unsuccessful and drive on out of town. It appears all the parking spots are full but the stores are empty. 

That is just wrong. In my opinion, there should be a reasonable time limit when parking in front of a business, or some type of validation that people are actually shopping at one of the businesses instead of taking up spaces that are meant for their customers. I am surprised that the businesses are not asking for this themselves.


Brien Bluhm