Letter to the Editor: Speak Up or Join the Herd


A bill aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions from homes and commercial buildings in Washington state?

I'm all for decreasing pollution in our environment, but who's going to pay to make such a bold step in today's economic situation? Our governor? If he was willing to foot the bill, I'd be one of the first in line! We have to look at the future and the present, fix the present problem, then work toward the future. I think some have put the cart before the horse.

We of the older generation — not only seniors on fixed incomes — sympathize with those who still work and slave away to make a better place for their children and our grandchildren in today's totally confusing situation. There are many people out of work or struggling with increased prices for rent, food and gas, just to name a few. And don't forget the COVID-19 "epi-dem-ic."

It's time for our legislative members to give up their nonsensical bills and concentrate on ways that benefit Washingtonians, and stop playing parlor games of childish selfishness. While some are working hard to find the answers necessary to make this happen, some are totally wanting things their way!

So, my suggestion would be to allow each legislative member to donate their gracious income from taxpayers’ dollars and use that money to go forward in helping all Washingtonians. That, or not increase any type of tax for the future until employment has increased significantly — 80% — and work on the present problems, then we become the star of all the other states.

Now, you have an opportunity to speak out, Washingtonians. We, you and I pay our Legislature to do as we desire, or is it now the opposite? Don't speak up? Then you are part of the "herd" no longer allowed to graze in the "green" pastures of Washington state.

Right now, it seems:

Governor is our shepherd; we are the sheep.

He maketh us to lie down in quarantine,

He leads us beside the polluted waters,

He frustrates our soul.

He leadeth us in the paths of poverty.

Yes, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

We will fight off the evil,

Surely good and mercy shall come to us … eventually?


Elizabeth Hicker



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