Letter to the Editor: Support Community Health Centers Like Valley View


For over 50 years, Community Health Centers (CHCs) have been key to ensuring everyone can access affordable, quality healthcare, during and beyond the pandemic. They are locally run, yet part of a national network serving almost 30 million people nationwide. They save American taxpayers $24 billion a year in health care costs by preventing and managing chronic diseases. CHCs are not ordinary health clinics; they are also problem-solvers who reach beyond the exam room to care for the whole person by providing access to necessities like food and housing resources. Community Health Centers care for everyone, regardless of insurance status. When unemployment rises and more Americans lose their employee-sponsored health care, Community Health Centers have always been the key to keeping America healthy. 

For 17 years, Valley View Health Center has provided integrated Family Practice, Pediatrics, Dental, Behavioral Health, and low cost Pharmacy services  within our three-county area in southwestern Washington. As a community health center, we deliver an innovative and comprehensive set of services that are making an impact here at home and as a national model of success. Valley View Health Center, which serves more than 28,000 patients in Lewis, Pacific, and Thurston Counties, has constantly been looking for ways to implement strategies and promote technology that helps us better serve our patients and the community. 

Over the course of this COVID-19 pandemic, Valley View has partnered with our local health departments to provide COVID-19 testing. Since the COVID-19 vaccine became available, Valley View has set up COVID-19 clinics in many of its offices to provide access to the vaccine for our communities. 

Valley View Health Center would like to thank our local, state, and national representatives who continue to be advocates for the community health centers. As part of National Health Center Week 2021 (Aug. 8-14), we invite you to support a Community Health Center in your neighborhood and celebrate their mission and accomplishments. To learn more about Valley View Health Center, check us out online at vvhc.org or find us on Facebook.


Gaelon Spradley

Chief Executive Officer

Valley View Health Center