Letter to the Editor: Support Universal Health Care


As a master's prepared nurse, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a granddaughter, I urge you to actively support universal health care. The evidence that a single-payer system would both save money and improve outcomes continues to grow. Our own Washington State Universal Healthcare Workgroup showed billion-dollar savings while extending comprehensive coverage to every resident of the state. Every. Single. Resident.

Saturday July 24, we hit the streets for #MedicareForAll. This is not your grandmother's Medicare. This is fully comprehensive medical, dental, vision and behavioral health care services. Volunteers from Whole Washington will be gathering signatures for I-1362, a state-based single-payer initiative. Your absence may go unnoticed, but your participation will be celebrated.

Please consider showing up. Show up for working people who can't afford to use their insurance. Show up for cancer survivors bankrupted by our current system. Show up for insulin dependent diabetics who continue to ration their medications. Show up for senior citizens going without hearing aids and proper dental care. Show up for the vulnerable and the traumatized in need of comprehensive behavioral health care services. Show up. #FindYourMarch


Carey Wallace, RN MSN MBA

Volunteer Whole Washington


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LL Hauer

I support a single payer system for health care 100%. As a business owner, about 10% of my monthly expenses go to provide health care coverage for my employees. I would so much rather contribute what would be a much smaller total amount even if there was a tax increase to help cover the cost of a single payer system. My business expenses would definitely drop from the $4000+ per month I paid pre-covid when fully staffed.

As an individual I’d also be prepared to pay more in taxes to know I was safe from a future medical bankruptcy. There are too many ways under the current system that one illness can generate massive bills, even for people with supposedly good insurance. I’ve worked hard for what I have but I know my family could lose it all if one of us had one unfortunate health issue or crisis that wiped out our savings and retirement.

A single payer system would also have a positive impact on entrepreneurship and the growth of small businesses. I know a lot of people who would love to take a chance and start their own businesses but don’t feel like they can take the risk. They know they wouldn’t be able to afford private insurance if they had to pay out of pocket but they don’t want to leave their families uninsured. So they stay in their jobs completely for the employer-provided health insurance. Because of the limitations of our current insurance-company-driven health-care system, we’re losing out on all the innovative and creative business ideas that are not pursued.

Sunday, July 25