Letter to the Editor: Thank You for Fair, Respectful Commissioner Vacancy Meeting


Dear Lewis County Republicans:

I would like to take a moment and thank the chair, executive committee and precinct committee officers (PCOs) for a great meeting on Oct. 26 selecting the slate of three names to be forwarded to the Board of County Commissioners for them to consider who to appoint to fill the remainder of Commissioner Gary Stamper’s term.

The process was fair and respectful. I sincerely appreciate the support of those who supported me and I also appreciate the time spent by all who took time to consider who to vote for from the seven of us.

I wish Kevin Emerson, Lee Grose and Harry Baghwandin my very best and whoever gets the appointment, please know you will have my full support as you assume the huge role and don the huge shoes that must be filled in the year ahead. 



Frank Corbin

PCO, Forest Precinct

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