Letter to the Editor: Thank You Gov. Inslee


Thank you Gov. Jay Inslee.

Thank you for keeping us safe with vaccine mandates. I am grateful that Judge Thomas Rice of the federal Eastern District Court of Washington found that Inslee’s proclamation requiring vaccines is well-supported by extensive medical evidence, recommendations by professional organizations and aligns with other measures already in place in other governmental settings.

I am ashamed that my 2nd Legislative District legislators — Jim McCune, J.T. Wilcox and Andrew Barkis — have been harassing you publicly saying that you should resign.

The Washington GOP offers no ideas to stop COVID-19 except to recommend “herd immunity” and to bring out the lawsuits.

They even submitted legislation to curb your emergency power.

We had no playbook for how to handle a pandemic and you succeeded way beyond the “red” state governors.

The naysayers have no positive ideas. They are using public health for a political football. I shudder to think where we would be with a Republican governor.


Madeline Bishop


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