Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Community for Levy Support


On behalf of the Centralia School Board, I would like to express our appreciation to the voters of our district for your support in the recent levy election. We truly view you, our community, as our partners in education, and it takes all of us working together to support our students. Your partnership through levy dollars will help provide things that Washington state does not provide funding for, including school counselors at each school, arts programs, athletic programs, technology supports and much more.

We acknowledge that there is continued work to be done in earning and keeping your trust. Over the past year, we have made a concerted and intentional effort to listen, learn, and grow, and we have put in place some specific goals that will demonstrate the improvement that is happening in our district.

We value your continued engagement with us as we work together to create an academic environment in which students thrive, both educationally and personally.

We don’t take for granted the trust that our community places in us as we oversee the work of the Centralia School District. As a board, we also consider ourselves to be learners, and our desire is to model the work that we expect of our students and staff as we collaborate with each other and with stakeholders in our district.


Lori Fast

President, Centralia School District Board of Directors