Letter to the Editor: The 2024 Contest Has Begun


Donald Trump’s campaign announcement for the 2024 presidential race is sure to initiate a meltdown in the biased, left-stream media. 

He is their boogeyman that they pulled out all the stops along with the deep state to deny a second term. His 2024 campaign is going to drive them into new fits of apoplexia on a daily basis for the next two years. 

One can make a strong case that they deserve this based upon their 24/7 four-year vilification of all things Trump. What the media can’t deny is that Trump was good for the economy and bad for terrorists.

The current occupant of the White house has presided over one fiasco after another. From the surrender of Afghanistan, a new war in Ukraine, runaway inflation and prices and over 150,000 fentanyl overdose deaths to record illegal immigration we have witnessed the intentional unraveling of America in two short years. 

It’s a record of gross incompetence that inevitably made is probable for Trump to re-emerge from the depths of his controversial 2020 loss.

Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, he is in it to win it. The treatment that he received from the biased press and the Democratic Party hoax creators, as well as his post-presidency treatment by the Biden Justice Department, which was designed to marginalize and intimidate him, has had quite the opposite effect. They have created a vengeful force of their own making and he is coming for them in a second term if he wins the election.

For the rest of us little guys who feel disenfranchised, marginalized, taxed without representation and manipulated by the Democratic Party and the deep state, we welcome his return to the process of confronting those who seem to be not only above the law but above legitimate reproach as evidenced by the 2022 mid-term election. We welcome our committed fighter back to the ring of competition for the direction and soul of America.

The next two years will be the most entertaining, expensive, divisive and interesting that we have seen to date in the modern era of America. It will most likely generate the further division of America along party and ideological lines. 

It will provide us with a very stark choice in the election with clear contrasts and a reinvigorated debate highlighting the failures of the Biden Administration and its intentional cover and coddling by the ideologically compromised left-stream media.

My recommendation to you is grab the popcorn and a cool beverage and buckle up. It promises to be one heck of a ride.


Mitchel Townsend

Silver Creek