Letter to the Editor: The Republican Party of John McCain Is Dead


It seems that people are making decisions to follow the radical extreme GOP without looking at the facts. This is not your father's GOP. These people are lunatics.

Forget about what the GOP says. They have Fox News to lie for them. If you want facts, read the rest of this letter. Just look at what the Republicans have actually done. Look up their voting records.

Trump withheld the COVID-19 vaccine from dying Americans so that he could profit from it. He also stole top secret documents and likely sold them to our adversaries. That is treason folks.

The GOP legislators voted against cheaper gas. They voted against providing baby formula for heaven's sake. They voted against cheaper drug prices. They voted separately against cheaper insulin. They voted against child tax credits. They voted against stimulus checks (remember when we shut down for COVID and everyone was desperate? It was Democrats that sent you money.) They voted against the voting rights act, ending gerrymandering, fighting climate change, prosecuting uber-rich tax cheats, keeping birth control legal, veteran's cancer care, fighting domestic terrorism, background checks for assault weapons and much more including upholding the will of the people in the last presidential election. Can you imagine those nice people at the Lewis County elections office cheating? That the election was stolen is a big, fat, furry lie to make people bend the knee to those who just want power. They have zero interest in actually governing. They just want power, and they are getting all the uninformed and uneducated to send them money.

Government is supposed to do for you what you cannot do for yourself, like putting out house fires and fixing roads and bridges. President Joe Biden is investing in America. He is bringing back the times when you could get a job out of high school that would support a family. The economy is booming. Inflation is all over the world right now. It is not the fault of anyone in the U.S.

The Republican Party of John McCain is dead. Today's GOP is a fascist cult. Remember fascists? Take a look at WWII history, and check out why we stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. And then vote for Democrats.


Katherine Ford