Letter to the Editor: The World is Far Less Without Dixie Rogerson Bill


There are wonderful people and wonderful artists. Dixie Rogerson Bill was both.

It was a sad day when I heard of Dixie's passing. I have known Dixie for many years and had the great pleasure watching her grow into a world class artist. Dixie was, frankly, one of the best.

She was so versatile and proficient in a wide variety of media. That is a rare talent indeed. Conservatively, hundreds of people own her prints or originals, including myself. The work will enhance the lives of all who own her work for countless generations to come.

Her style was unique, one of a kind.

I asked her once to describe her style. "Whimsical," she said! I guess so, as it touched all of us. Whatever you call it, what Dixie did was beautiful, original and very popular — just as she was as a person.

The world is far less without her.


Jim Stafford