Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on a Centralia College Athletic Field


It was interesting to read of the upcoming athletic field at Centralia College. It has been a long time since they had such a facility, and I am sure that it will enhance the area. I, too, am pro-sports and participated in them while at CC years ago.

Much has been added to the Centralia College campus over the past several years: beautiful buildings, even artwork. Though the campus is far more beautiful and expansive than it was decades ago, it has regressed in one important area, in my view – the humanities (also known as the arts).

The humanities delve into the human endeavor, past and present. What is more valuable than the spirit and creativity of the human mind? What has been more special than man’s creativity through the ages? Think about it. From the advent of the Industrial Age, electricity, flight, medical advances, even the clothes we wear and cars we drive are creatively designed by someone. On and on goes the list.

What kind of creatures would we be without the creative drive and output in all of us? The poetry of the written word, the symmetry of line, the appreciation of color and form – all enhance our lives. Yet, it is taken so lightly and for granted! It really comes down to our educational institutions to carry on this heritage. For the past several decades, our educational resources have been sadly lacking in the area of humanities.

Centralia College destroyed its physical Department of Fine Arts several years ago with no intention of replacing it. Why, with all the new facilities being proposed and constructed, have we omitted the human equation in all of it? Why isn’t a new arts building part of the Centralia College campus?

When the administration at Wenatchee Valley College decided to abolish the arts several years ago, the local residents took things into their own hands. With private funding, a state of the “art” building was put up on campus. That facility and program now rival anything in the country. The public interest was there, and I see it here.

Indeed, in the movie “Field of Dreams,” it is stated that “If you build it, they will come.” Will we ever see a facility here that they can come to? Let’s talk about it!


Jim Stafford