Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on the Times From a Conservative Perspective


It was good to see a positive letter from the local conservative leader. Our liberal friends are constantly airing their opinions and complaints in print. Even our self-named curmudgeon columnist Bill Moeller has insulted our forefathers and wants to eradicate the electoral college, which was put in place for a good reason. (He’s OK. He likes cats.)

Our forefathers weren’t perfect. None of us are. They pledged their wealth and their sacred honor for the good of the country. No current politician would do that. Plenty of wealth; not much honor. Their concerns seem to be meddling in foreign countries, while their own fights crime and poverty. 

There are no gates on state borders. Anyone can move here. Just leave personal baggage and liberal views behind. Don’t try to make our little red county into the mess you are leaving. There are two big, blue crime-filled counties just up the highway, dodging bullets daily. Run by liberals and socialists. Bye bye! Do you want “Seattle” to move here? Not me! “When in Rome…” 

Donald Trump was once a popular builder and playboy. Then he became a politician and all Hades descended upon him. He’s been called a liar, among other insults. We’ve learned that there’s more than one liar inhabiting the White House and halls of Congress. Most recent is the brazen New York Republican George Santos. On the other hand we have the longtime Senator Richard Blumenthal, who humiliated himself by tearfully apologizing for his lies. Neither had the decency to resign. Don’t overlook the “laptop from hell.” It is true; the “dossier” was not. 

There is so much to worry about. Killer kids, border crisis, wars and rumors of wars. Wars that insidiously started, then escalated for a reason. Wars that could have been avoided, but for greedy arms dealers and politicians. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine. Who is next? A quote from the former ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell: “Joe Biden is leading us into World War III.” Wars are cruel and ugly. Whose bombs and bullets hurt less? For all who are killed there is someone to grieve. People, animals, homes, countries lay in ruin and rubble. 

China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. We have made them our enemies. Our biggest threat lies within. Could it be … politicians?  

What happened to diplomacy and consideration, or even common sense. I have much more to say, but not enough paper. What say you? 

Are they really “good kids?” Justice for Aron and Buzzo.

But then, what do I know? I’ve only been around for 88 and a half years. 


Adele Martin 

Lewis County