Letter to the Editor: U.S. Must Listen to Leaders to Avoid More Deaths


What a difference it makes when the population takes notice of the government.

Australia’s population is 25 million people and total virus deaths are about 905.

The United States has a population of 325 million and over 250,000 deaths. Washington State — 7.8 million population and over 2,500 deaths.

New Zealand — 5 million population and 25 deaths.

The Australian States and Territories closed their borders so one could not travel interstate. Some borders may open Dec. 1, depending if there are any further deaths. Weddings and funerals were limited to about five to 10 people. People couldn’t visit nursing homes to see aging parents.

The U.S. was open and no one took any notice of requests to limit social gatherings and to wear masks. Now the number of deaths are rising rapidly.

On the whole, the Australian people listened to the government regarding social distancing and gatherings, something badly lacking in the U.S..

Let us hope the virus will disappear but the public must help and take notice of Gov. Jay Inslee, who has been trying very hard.


Ron Field