Letter to the Editor: Veterans Should Join Meeting in Toledo


“Which branch of the military were you in? Where were you stationed? What was your job?”

“I was a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam crisis.”

“Isn’t that where Agent Orange was used to defoliate the jungle?”

“Yes, I was left with some chronic symptoms from the defoliate, but have no regrets. If it hadn’t been used, a lot more of our men would have been lost.”

This is but a small sample of one of the many experiences of the 15 veterans who met in the Toledo Senior Center Thursday, Aug. 4, for a Vet to Vet Cafe.

The meeting was initiated and introduced by Lindsay Giberson and Gwen Spencer under the auspices of Assured Hospice and coordinated with the Toledo Senior Center’s site leader Tessie Johnson.

This informal gathering of veterans was so interesting that it will continue to be held on the first Thursday of each month. Come join us, veterans.

Need more information? Call the Toledo Senior Center at 360-864-2112.


Thomas Hicker