Letter to the Editor: Vote for Marie Glusenkamp Perez to Prevent Far-Right Candidates From Spewing Lies in Congress


Earlier this week, Gov. Jay Inslee made a statement about the two far-right congressional candidates, Joe Kent and Vicki Kraft, running for Congress here in Southwest Washington.

I commend him for making Washingtonians everywhere aware of the right-wing radicalism taking hold in our district.

Democracy is under attack all over the country by conspiracy theorists undermining integrity in our elections.

That’s why we must support progressive leaders now more than ever.

Marie Glusenkamp Perez is a small business owner who can relate to the struggles we all go through to make ends meet. She will look out for us, not special interests, and not get swept up in online misinformation along the way.

But she can’t win unless Democrats and independents work together to find a path to victory. Marie knows how to cut through the noise of big politics. She also won’t be intimidated by mean Republicans like Joe Kent.

With our economy in crumbles, we need to send people to Washington that have felt the burn of inflation themselves. So I urge you to support Marie Glusenkamp Perez for Congress, because without her, election deniers like Joe Kent will have the platform of the floor of Congress to spew their lies.


Tyler Styre