Letter to the Editor: Vote for Tom Crowson for Assessor


Why don't we have our real property value change notices? These notices give the tax assessment of land and improvements by the assessor’s office each tax year.

My understanding is that other counties near ours (Lewis) have received their notices. I called the assessor’s office on Oct. 21 and was told they are "rolling the system over" and "they should mail out by the end of the month."

On Oct. 28, I called and was told "the notices are waiting for certification, should mail out next week" and "should mail before the election."

On Nov. 1, I called and was told they still haven't mailed for the same reasons and "there is nothing we can do as the system still isn't working."

Could it be that the assessor’s office (read that Dianne Dorey) wants to delay the mailing of our tax assessments until after the election to keep from making candidate Ross Nielson look like the bad guy for another round of outrageously high tax increases? Is Ms. Dorey also interested in "feathering her nest" and after retirement asking for a consultant opportunity with the assessor?

Ross Nielson is part of the problem (along with Ms. Dorey) in the assessor’s office. It is time for a change. Hopefully the voters agree. Vote for Tom Crowson.

Maybe he can get a system in place that will at least get tax notices mailed to taxpayers in a timely fashion.


Gene Anderson