Letter to the editor: Vote Lahmann for port to create more openness and transparency


If you would like more openness and transparency in the Port of Centralia, be sure to reelect Peter Lahmann and vote for him on your recently received ballot. He has been working for your best interests but has faced stiff opposition from the director and other two commissioners.  

They are not prone to be open to making information available in a detailed or timely manner, which makes it difficult for Peter to vote favorable at times.  

Peter would like to get the board to consider lessening or eliminating the port tax levy, but he cannot get a second to his motion just to study it. When the port was first created, taxpayers were promised to take a look at that after 10 years. Now, many years have passed after that timeline.

Peter has been asking for annual evaluation reviews of the director, but the director or chairman does not call for one. The same goes for annual goal setting. He would like to see improved port communication between the director and other entities and the public. In other words, the director needs to improve his public relations and to treat people with respect. He works for the people and not the other way around. 

Peter has a vast construction background, holds a master’s degree in business administration and brings expertise to the director if he would listen to him.  

Peter was a student of mine close to 50 years ago at Centralia College, a very fine student I might add and always a gentleman. He is a valued and active member of our community and deserves reelection to the Port of Centralia Commission. Vote for Peter Lahmann. 


Gary Odegaard