Letter to the Editor: Vote Murphy for Safety


I’ve known Tracy Murphy and his family for the past several years both personally and professionally. The things being portrayed about him are far from the truth. 

Tracy is not a liberal, a Democrat or a RINO. Tracy is a conservative and a Republican. The reason he has been so easy for Snaza and his followers to attack is because Tracy is a very fair and honest guy who doesn’t talk badly about others. 

So when is keeping your comments to yourself a bad thing? His actions speak louder than words, and we have all seen how he keeps his calm in the face of adversity. That is what we need in a sheriff. 

This idea that you have to go out flying flags on your truck or burning people down with nasty comments to be a “true constitutional Republican” is ridiculous. It just makes our party look bad and it diminishes the mission.

I have called Tracy before to ask questions about a law or my constitutional rights, and he has answers. He doesn’t have to look things up and get back to me. Tracy knows his stuff. It’s literally his job to know it. But Snaza didn’t seem to know what the third amendment was during a Chronicle podcast and had to be prompted. 

During The Chronicle Editorial Board debate, Snaza was completely unaware that the laws of drug possession had changed, saying it hadn’t trickled down to him. What? He is literally the top of the pyramid! It is his job to trickle it down to his deputies, not to be informed by a sergeant running against him.

Snaza has turned into a politician and is out of touch with our needs. Tracy announced early on that he wants to bring back East End services, and suddenly Snaza is working to bring it back when he is the one who shut it down. 

Tracy Murphy knows the importance of the drug crisis here, and talks about how it is connected to other crime such as thefts, shoplifting, catalytic converters, stolen vehicles, robbery and assaults. Snaza pulled his detective out of the drug unit and removed JNET’s commissions to act in the county.  

Safer with Snaza? I don’t think so. Vote Murphy for safety.

Heather Gray