Letter to the Editor: Vote Tracy Murphy for a Safer Lewis County


I am a conservative Republican and a firm believer in the second amendment. I’m active in politics and a proud Trump supporter. If there’s one thing we have learned over the past few years, we have to pay attention to our local politics just as much as we do on a state and federal level.

My husband and I are business owners, property owners, two-time Rob Snaza supporters and just like you, we thought he has done a great job, so “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.”

I know the Murphys pretty well, and I know they both supported Rob Snaza in the past, so why challenge him? Curiosity got the best of me, and I made a call. I spent over two hours educating myself on why Tracy Murphy is running for sheriff, and when I asked for proof of what he was saying, he brought it to the table. I am angry. I am disappointed. I was fooled. Snaza may have done a great job in his first term, but something happened along the way. And when you start misusing my tax dollars, you’ve lost my support.

I came out publicly on social media with some of the information I had learned and Rob Snaza wanted a call immediately. He spent 45 minutes trying to justify his spending and his actions and smooth things over. All he could say is, “Wendy, after the election we’ll go have a beer.”

I’m done. Rob’s a nice guy, but he has lost my vote. I have called Tracy Murphy several more times to ask different questions of how he would fix this or how he would fix that. I asked where he was getting the funding for things. Some of the issues are easy fixes that will cost very little to the budget, but the return is huge.

Tracy Murphy has a plan, and his plan includes saving taxpayer money by doing things more efficiently and cutting unnecessary spending. Tracy Murphy doesn’t need three or four people to go to every meeting with him like Snaza does. Do you realize that is about $400k walking around with Snaza to every meeting, every three-hour coffee break at Napavine Starbucks, every political event? Yet he complains that he is short staffed.

Tracy has solutions for dealing with the bad laws that have passed and not saying his hands are tied. Tracy Murphy knows the biggest issue facing our county is the drug problem, and he will immediately rejoin JNET and start making an impact in our county. Tracy has a grasp on the homeless issues and how law enforcement can be a part of the solution. Tracy is capable of getting along with others to fix things and get us back on track instead of storming out of meetings when he doesn't get his way like Snaza.

I know I sure don’t feel safer today than I did eight years ago. It’s time for change. Vote for Tracy Murphy for a safer Lewis County.


Wendy Naillon