Letter to the Editor: We Must Have Anger for Change


We must have anger for change. Let me express my anger. First, my life was built by hard work because I refused to be on welfare and raise my boys in suppression. 

There is no opportunity in the system to which only cripples and entangles us to slavery. I chose to fight! I chose to never look back, only forward. With that came change. I worked for the last 20-plus years to be a role model and testimony to others, especially my boys. I wanted them to know the reality of life and its ups and downs and the struggles that come with perseverance. The road to success is the American dream, right? 

Success is a driving force through the obstacles of life and overcoming failure and trials. Success is knowing the difference between right and wrong. I’m driven by my past and my obligation to my sons. Life’s lessons growing up and the poverty I endured only brought me to where I am now. 

I admire honesty, hard work and truth. I am here now to have a leader of Washington tell me I have to close my business. The governing officials sworn into office to work for us and support our civil liberties have failed us completely. 

God gave us free will. My free will is to fight. Fight to face the repercussions of the governed agencies and fines that threaten our livelihood. My God-given right is to choose my fate, not have someone dictate it for me. Not sure about my future, but I am standing for freedom and my business. I can lose everything but I won’t lose my freedom. I expect everyone to do the same. God Bless.


Roxy Cupp

Owner, Brown Shack Tavern, Salkum