Letter to the Editor: We Need to Get Our Big Shots Under Control


Congressional testimony recently established that big tech made good money fostering wild conspiracy theories and enabling the Jan. 6  insurrection.

News flash. Corporate America is hard at work in many other areas using price-fixing, intimidation and social chaos, all for the big payoff as well.

In big business and finance, we see conglomeration in advertising, online retail, debt card processing, luxury goods, hotels, insurance and banking. In media, we see bigger publishing, bigger telecommunications and bigger newspaper corporations.

In human services, we see fewer providers in education, hospitals, pharmacies and labs, and bullying by health insurance associations.

There is ever increasing size and power in agriculture and food, energy, sports, and defense industries. Even big tobacco is making a big come-back.

People complain about increasing monopolization in religion. Our two political parties are monopolies in restraint of political ideas. Oh, and yes, the federal government continues to marginalize and bully state governments.

We need to get our big shots under control.


Kimball Shinkoskey

formerly of Lewis County