Letter to the Editor: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?


Many wonder, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

The following is a list of what I would call reality:

God, or if you must, “The Intelligent Designer,” exists.

Hate is bad for the hater.

Lying, cheating and stealing won’t succeed.

Saying a wrong thing over and over does not make it right.

Families are the most important entity.

Humans have God-given rights.

Pre-born babies are humans.

All human lives matter.

Boys are boys and girls are girls.

People should take care of themselves, if possible.

Welfare should only be available to those who cannot take care of themselves.

Anarchy is a very bad condition

The Constitution is a contract between the people and the government, not to be broken.

Government printing of fiat money creates serious inflation.

America will never be a socialist or communist country.

America will never give up her sovereignty for world government.

Americans are freedom loving and will never stand for communist/fascist government.

The commands of Karl Marx’ Communist manifesto should not be applied in the USA.

Peace through strength is valid policy in relations with one’s enemies.

Encouraging illegal immigration destroys our sovereignty.

The government is supposed to protect us from crime.

Turning criminals loose increases crime.

Reducing police forces increases crime.

Not prosecuting lawbreakers increases crime.

Discrimination is not eliminated by reverse discrimination.

It is destructive to tum one group against another group.

Destroying historic statues and symbols does not change history.

“Science” is not an absolute science. (This is not an absolute statement.)

Finally, two plus two equals four.

The radical left-wing Democrats who presently control our federal government, mostly disagree with this reality and wish to operate the government as though the complete opposite reality exists. I would call this the denial of reality.


Mike Kimbrel