Letter to the Editor: Why Do We Continue Voting for These People?


A day doesn’t pass when I don’t ask myself, “Did this politician (really) think that was a good idea?’

Here is a good example:

“Increase the minimum wage to $15. Everyone deserves a ‘living wage.’”

Really? Politicians don’t realize raising the minimum wage for teenagers and unskilled labor will create massive inflation? 

Creating a $15 minimum wage for teens will cost teens 90% of all jobs previously available.  They will lose the opportunity to have very valuable “life” experiences. Why pay $15 to an inexperienced teen when the business owner can hire more experienced adults for the same amount? Even more threatening would be for employers to invest in “robots” that can work 24/7, no vacations, no sick leave, etc.  Now everyone is without a job.

Don’t politicians understand the “trickle up” factor? If business owners are required to pay $15 for unskilled labor, then the next level of employee will require a higher wage and it goes on and on up the ladder. This increase in manpower cost is simply passed down to the consumer in the form of higher priced items. Everyone will end up with the exact same buying power; except U.S. product prices won’t be competitive in the world market. U.S. consumer price inflation accelerated to the fastest pace in four decades last month.   

Here are more great ideas!

“Give every adult more in stimulus and unemployment benefits than they can earn in their previous job.”

The politicians didn’t think a large percent of these recipients would choose not to go back to work because they make more free money by staying at home? Really? Now we have millions of unfilled job openings. 

“Better yet, we won’t require recipients of this free money to pay their rent payments. Let’s make it unlawful to evict a tenant for failing to pay their rent.”

These politicians place giant burdens on landlords that have to make their own mortgage, property tax, insurance payments and then complain because there aren’t any “affordable” rentals available. Really? Why would anyone invest in rental property if they are going to be treated this way?

“Defund the police! Police are bad!”

The politicians didn’t realize reducing the number of officers would result in a 30% increase in crime throughout nearly all major cities? Really? San Francisco’s mayor reduced the police budget by 30%. Crime skyrocketed and now she is screaming that she is going to get tough on crime and take the city back. 

“Downgrade crimes to ease the burden on the prison system!”   Some cities made it only a misdemeanor for persons that steal less than $1,900 per theft. The police in one city arrested 17 thieves involved in a smash and grab last week. Within hours all of the thieves were released without a bond. Within days, three of those thieves were arrested again!

Really? It was a surprise that bad people will continue to do bad things if they aren’t punished. 

Do your part to vote these people out of office!


Dale Luger