Letter to the Editor: Why Doesn’t AG Work for Consumers? 


We are so lucky to live in Washington with Bob Ferguson as our attorney general. He finds all types of politically-based lawsuits to file, but appears to have little interest in making utilities serving our state provide good service.  

CenturyLink’s phone service is sketchy. They say the problem is other providers, which is a lie. They could stop the continual scam calls, but they don’t. I would think that would make them an accessory to a crime, but not in Washington.

CenturyLink’s email service has the same problem.  

They recently switched the server for our email, which took several days to resolve. After seven hours on the phone or waiting for a call back, the folks in India couldn’t make it work.  

Finally, a niece came to our rescue. I asked how she did it and she wasn’t sure. Now that we are on the new server, we get about four times the number of scam emails and unwanted advertisements.  

Thank you so much CenturyLink! I am sure they are not making money off the change. (That is sarcasm by the way.)

I am sure the geeks are saying, “just do everything with an iPhone.” That is a bigger fiasco. U.S. Cellular forced us to buy new phones to go with 5G. As is frequent with the tech world, improvements usually are not.  

We live in an area of poor reception, and it is now worse. The original bag phones had the best reception of any cellphone. Elon Musk, here I come. 

The next time you see our attorney general file another of his questionable lawsuits to further his politics, ask yourself why he doesn’t do more for the consumers of our state.


Dave Fenn