Letter to the Editor: Why Is There Discrepancy in COVID-19 Case Counts?


I was happy to hear that Lewis County had dropped down to two new COVID-19 cases per day. But I went to the John Hopkins site and it shows us as having 16 cases in one day earlier this week, and 51 cases per day yesterday. 

What gives? I’m hoping The Chronicle will clarify this confusion. 

What are the facts? Let’s hope it is really two per day and Johns Hopkins is confused.


Randall Daley


Editor's Note: After receiving this letter to the editor, The Chronicle pursued and published a story that can be read here: http://www.chronline.com/community/why-lewis-county-s-covid-19-data-is-lagging-behind-the-state-s/article_96b542e8-2602-11eb-9ec0-c34c0aaef7ff.html