Letter to the Editor: Will We Ever Be the ‘United’ States of America Again


Speaking as a left-leaning independent, I have noticed the fight between the left and the right is getting worse since former president Donald Trump was elected.

I believe he started the battle.

The reason I believe this is because Trump was the first president I remember (I'm 82) who actually tried to divide the country instead of uniting us. He did this by always referring to the left as "the Democrats," thereby separating the country into two major political factions.

It got worse when "The Democrats" tried to impeach him twice because he lied about almost everything he said while president. (Check out a website called "Politifact.")

Trump also increased the national debt more than any president before him.

It was $4 trillion when Obama started, $12 trillion (an increase of $8 trillion in eight years) when Trump started and increased to $19 trillion (an increase of $7 trillion) in less than four years. It increased to over $21 trillion before Trump left office (partly because of the COVID thing) after inciting the riot at the Capital that occured on Jan. 6. It seems the Democrats raise taxes to pay for the things they want and Republicans raise the debt by charging everything. Makes me wonder if the national debt means anything.

I can’t imagine because of the way this country is separated now if we will ever be the United States of America again.


Norman Nichols