Letter to the Editor: Without Changes, We Will Lose Our Nation


Here’s my letter to Congresswoman Jamie Herrea Beutler:

I received your mailer concerning HR 1. Not only will this ensure that America never sees another election but unfortunately this is only one of the many things happening to our country right now.

I fear if we do not get some sort of control, we are going to lose our nation. I am specifically worried about our southern border because common sense tells me it is only a matter of time before it makes a big impact on our state also.

Our cities are being destroyed, businesses devastated, to never return. There’s free money everywhere, so you can’t even fill jobs out here. I worry that our kids have lost almost 1 ½ years of school that they will never make up, though I am not sure school is the best thing for them when they are being indoctrinated with critical race theory, sexual indoctrination starting in kindergarten and racist math.

The children are either being taught that they are inferior or superior, and it’s destroying our kids. Packing the courts is another bad idea. I do not want Washington, D.C., to become a state. Our Constitution was specifically set up to keep them separate.

I worry about all the money the left is spending to pay back the special interests. This systemic racism makes me sick. I’m not a racist and neither is most of our country. The only racists I see are in the Democrat Party.

Foreign policy is a mess if there even is one. I could go on and on, but the only conclusion for me is that this is being done intentionally to bring down America. I know you are only one person, but you do have the bully pulpit. You could start by writing editorials to all the papers, and please do not stop until your constituents start listening. Do radio interviews. I know you are busy, and this sounds like a lot, but our nation is at risk like never before.

Please let me know what your thoughts are about this, and what we as private citizens can do to make an impact. This is a civil war, and we need your leadership.


Lauri Chown

Lewis County


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The only racists you see are in the Democratic party huh? Just curious where you have looked.

Friday, April 30
Michael Saunders

Racist math? Sexual indoctrination? Kids being taught they are superior or inferior?

Where exactly is this happening? My kids are in public school and none of this is evident.

Not saying you're wrong, just saying I don't see any of it happening.

Friday, April 30

I see the race and sex ed issues having a detrimental effect on students; not necessarily in Lewis County, but it is King and Pierce. Can you imagine 5 year olds in Renton having to state they are in school on stolen land? Totally out of control.

Saturday, May 1