Letter to the Editor: Writer Displays Apparent Obsession With Race


I am responding to two letters written by Marty Ansley of Cinebar in the July 1 and July 13 editions of The Chronicle.

Mr. Ansley seems to be obsessed with race, which makes him a racist. In his next letter, I request that he explain his obsession, specifically with white supremacy. Is Mr. Ansley a “person of color”? If so, I’d like him to explain how racism has negatively affected his life. That would give him more credibility.

If he is white, I’d like him to explain his white guilt. Did he succumb to his own white guilt as Black Lives Matter (also an extremist organization) has coerced him to?

In his letter of July 1, Marty says “but I am old enough to recall small Black children being cursed at…”). 

He doesn’t say that he was spat upon or other racist acts directed at him, so I assume he’s white. By the way, I was in integrated schools in Iowa in the 1960s and I don’t recall any racist incidents as he seems to. Apparently Puyallup was racist back in the 60s.

On July 13, he states “by the measurement of some, for them to be doing well someone else has to be doing poorly.”  Who’s measurement?  Why don’t you have the courage to state that it is your measurement?  And I pity Mr. Ansley that he buys into the zero-sum game-ism pity party.  This country has never been a zero sum game. You can have as much as I have. Let him explain how a racist and white supremacist country elected a Black man twice to the presidency.  Barack Obama didn’t get elected by just Black people. It took millions of white people to elect him. 

I suggest before Mr. Ansley bandies about the word extremism and calls other extremists again he take a long look in the mirror. It takes one to know one. 


Joel W. Muenchau