Letter to the Editor: You Can Trust Vicki Daniels on Chehalis School Board


I trust Vicki Daniels to use her empathy, experience and judgment to represent the interests of each and every Chehalis School District student. Vicki is transparent in her values and decision-making process. She carefully considers all points of view. She respects the laws of the state, the mission of the school district and the quality of life of each student. She makes decisions that promote the learning and wellbeing of all Chehalis students and families — not just those who look, think and act like her.

In September of 2020, I was shocked and disappointed to see kids packed on the corners of Main Street yelling at passing cars at a back-to-school rally organized by Vicki’s opponent, Kelsi Hamilton; Shocked because kids were outside, unmasked, on a day with some of the worst air quality we’ve ever experienced.

Chehalis youth soccer and other outdoor activities were canceled due to the health hazard. I was disappointed that the adults responsible for these kids did not seem to put the kids’ health and well-being first. Perhaps Kelsi had not thought through the risks and potential consequences of such a decision. Certainly we all pay the price when the health department is put under undue and unnecessary political pressure.

Hamilton is also proud to have lobbied on behalf of a group that supports unfairly penalizing people who can’t afford to pay their traffic fines. I do not trust her sense of fairness and equity.

It is important to have directors who “have their eye on the sparrow”: who watch out for the silent and vulnerable. Vicki’s life work contributed to the growth and enrichment of kids’ lives. In retirement, she has found a way to continue her vocation. I trust that she will continue to represent each and every student. Please join me in voting for Vicki Daniels.


Ceci Hauer