Letter to the Editor: Your Vaccine Decision Could Mean Life or Death for Many of Us


It is clear that many of our fellow citizens are not convinced that they need to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. That is unfortunate for a number of reasons, but each person is free to choose, and my concern is the effect it may have on others. As you probably know, a virus is just a small hunk of DNA encapsulated in a protein shell. It is an obligate parasite that cannot live or reproduce unless it finds a way into a living organism composed of cells like our own. Once inside, its population explodes and then there are now thousands of viruses just waiting to get out and start the process all over again on someone else. Therein lies the problem and there are only two facts we need to consider.

First, let’s just suppose you do not get a shot and contract the virus. Then you go home and pass it on to your family, including your kids or grandparents or your neighbors. Not let’s suppose that one of them dies from COVID-19. How would you feel? My guess is that you would never forgive yourself and your life would be changed forever. Not a pleasant thought and I sincerely hope it never happens to you.

And there is a second even more disastrous possibility to consider. Viruses mutate all the time. That’s why we need to get a flu shot almost every year. The COVID-19 virus is no different and has already mutated into our present delta strain. It is far more contagious than the first form and that’s why we are having the huge new outbreak all over the country. Now what if the COVID-19 virus mutates into a new form that’s impervious to all of our vaccines like the the flu does? What then? Well, all of us, vaccinated or not, would be susceptible once again and millions more will die before we can find an effective new vaccine.

And we have the ability to stop this if we all just get vaccinated. So please reconsider getting the vaccine. You certainly don’t have to, but it could mean life or death for many of us.


Erik Dahl