Letters to the Editor: So Much for Turning the Corner on Corona


This past June Sheriff Rob Snaza, while addressing a group of supporters of the Hamilton billboard in Chehalis, gave his now infamous “Don’t be a sheep” remarks, regarding the public health guidelines being promulgated in an attempt to bring our COVID-19 epidemic under control.

Here are some numbers. On July 1 of this year the total case number for the United States was 2,796,979. On Nov. 15, the number stands at 11,367,214. That’s an increase of 8,570,235. In 138 days. That’s an average of over 62,000 cases of coronavirus per day. 

The current president of the U.S., surely the biggest science denier since the days when the Catholic church imprisoned Galileo for championing what we now know as science, he who said it’s going to disappear, he who suggested ingesting cleaning products, he who said let’s do the opposite of the best medical advice, he who said we’ve turned the corner on coronavirus, has apparently fallen into the trap of believing his own propaganda.

The increase of COVID-19 cases since Sheriff Snaza’s speech, 8,570,235, are more than the total number of cases in every other nation in the world other than India. So much for going away like a miracle. So much for turning the corner on Corona.

Despite what the totally unqualified talking heads of FOX News continuously spout, this disease is not the common cold, or seasonal flu. Over 250,000 Americans have died from this disease.

Recently, while in a retail establishment, I was approached by a man wearing his mask like a chin strap who told me I shouldn’t be afraid. I responded that following recommended public health recommendations was not fear, rather prudence. I told this gentleman that I did not wish to join the quarter million Americans who can no longer speak for themselves.

It’s long past time that the people of this nation behave as if we are grown-ups. This is not some kind of sporting event between rival high schools. We don’t need any more pep rally cheers, any more homecoming festival antics. Eleven million cases of a deadly disease are not something that the leadership of a normal country ignores.

Public health officials have always known how to contain outbreaks of disease. A policy of ignoring public health will only result in more disease and death — 250,000 dead Americans demand our full attention and focus.


Alan Mahood