Lewis County Assessor’s Office to Appraise Properties in Centralia School District Through May 2022


Lewis County appraisers will be inspecting properties located throughout the Centralia School District for tax purposes through May 2022, the Lewis County Assessor’s Office announced Tuesday.

The assessor’s office is inspecting properties for the 2022 revaluation cycle and values will be used for calculating 2023 property taxes, said County Assessor Diane Dorey in a news release.

“The housing market has increased dramatically in the last few years in Lewis County due to the housing shortage and other factors,” Dorey said.

The sales that are used to compute values are from 2021.

The appraisers doing the inspections will have county identification and will be leaving a business card at each location. They will be driving a county car with “Lewis County Assessor” written on the side, Dorey said in a news release.

Appraisers will be wearing green shirts with a Lewis County Assessor’s Office logo and a safety vest with “Lewis County Assessor” printed on it.

Any members of the public who have concerns about the person inspecting their property are encouraged to call the assessor’s office at 360-740-1392. The office is open weekdays from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.