Lewis County Developing Contingency Plan With One Commissioner in Hospital, Another Quarantined


Two of Lewis County’s three commissioners are out of the office, either sick with COVID-19 or potentially exposed to the virus.

With Gary Stamper already intubated in a Vancouver ICU for the virus, Sean Swope, who’s unvaccinated, announced Monday that he’s working virtually in order to quarantine and wait for test results.

The Board of Lewis County Commissioners is the main governing board of Lewis County, meeting multiple times a week to hold hearings and make decisions.

According to county spokesman Austin Majors, the prosecuting attorney’s office is now working on a contingency plan to spell out how county business would be conducted if two out of three commissioners were unable to work due to COVID-19.

A draft of that plan may be completed, he added, in the next few days.

The county has been providing public updates on Stamper, who was vaccinated against COVID-19. Swope told The Chronicle that he’s taking measures to ensure if he does test positive, he’s “going to crush it.”

“I think it’s smart, though, if you’re exposed, do what’s smart,” he said.

“Put the interest of other people ahead of yours, so in the event that — let’s say I did test positive for COVID — well, I’m doing the smart thing by not exposing other people.”

Last week, the county announced that Stamper’s condition was improving, though he remained on a ventilator. The East Lewis County representative on the county commission is currently at the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver.





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LC payer

Swope is foolish to not get this life saving vaccine. I firmly believe it is providing Gary Stamper the extra boost his body needs to fight this killer virus.

Remind me again why we elected Swope? I cannot see any good he has or is doing for this county.

5 days ago

NOPE for SWOPE - This is the Campaign headliner that needs to be run against Swope when he runs for office next round. I for one will be preaching it. Swope is an inconsiderate, IGNORANT fool.


5 days ago
Bill Serrahn

It appears that the fact that COVID is real has been brought home to the county leadership in a very painful way. I think last year's commission didn't believe the virus was so serious and were always advocating for the county to be able to open the businesses affected by the State's closure mandates.

18 months after the start of all this, the virus is raging in Lewis County like never before with no end in sight. Within a year, nearly all of us will have C19 antibodies, whether from vaccination or from catching it and some of us who are vaccinated will also catch it.

My best wishes to Commissioner Stamper and his family for his full recovery. We need him and we miss him.

5 days ago

"Swope told The Chronicle that he’s taking measures to ensure if he does test positive, he’s “going to crush it.”

I'll bet 20$ that says he went to the feed store and bought medicine.

5 days ago

"Nope for Swope"... I like that one and what a good campaign headliner to get this fool out of our county leadership. He sure is no leader, that is for sure..... Shame on him...!

4 days ago

Sad that The Chronicle has employee bots who use fake accounts to attack.

Swope is fairing better than your science. Didnt Stamper get the almighty vaccination God, more hello kitty panty wearing comments

3 days ago