Man Charged for Allegedly Stealing City of Centralia Vehicle, Crashing It Into Hotel


A Seattle man is being held on a $25,000 bail for allegedly stealing a City of Centralia vehicle and crashing it into a hotel in the 700 block of Harrison Avenue on Sunday. 

When contacted by Centralia Police Department officers, the defendant, Dustin Goodwin, allegedly stated “he had found the vehicle in Borst Park in Centralia and had taken the vehicle,” according to court documents.

A city employee reported the theft of the vehicle and told police that he was tasked with closing the city parks at night and had left the keys in the center console while he stopped by his nearby apartment, according to court documents. 

Officers later confirmed that just prior to the incident, Goodwin had left the hospital against medical advice. 

“He was not aware of the situation at the time,” said defense attorney Rachael Tiller during Goodwin’s preliminary appearance in Lewis County Superior Court on Oct. 11. 

Goodwin’s next court appearance is an arraignment hearing scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 14. 


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Uhh, why would a city employee be taking a truck to run errands at their personal residence on the taxpayer nickel? Were they drinking and forgot to remove the keys? I mean co.e on, this sounds fishy to me. I demand transparency and a full review of this employees action and inappropriate public vehicle use.

Tuesday, October 12

I personally don't drink but do leave my keys laying in the center console. A lot. All the time. Talk about jumping to conclusions. Perhaps you should direct your animosity at the asswipe that stole the truck.

Wednesday, October 13