Mason Guard Buck: 1990-2020


He had the most loyal courageous and loving heart a man could have. Mason Guard Buck, 30, born April 4, 1990 and passed away October 6, 2020. Mason was born in Centralia, Wash., to mother, Renee Buck and father, Guard Buck; sister, Crystal Roberts and brother, Hunter Buck.

Mason went to Chehalis schools most of his life, he was always quick to fit in and never had an issue finding friends or just putting a smile on someone’s face. Since Mason was a baby, he had a special presence about him, a smile that could light up a room, not only light up a room, but a smile that could create friendships, a smile that was genuine and gave you that comfortable loving feeling that you know it’s real as soon as you see it. Growing up Mason loved to do many things like go for bike rides with his friends, skateboard, wrestle, do gymnastics, exercise, and most of all liked to spend lots of time with friends and family having a good time.

The amount of friendships Mason would make in his short time is actually unbelievable. There are people from the Arctic all the way to Southern California and everywhere in between. He had the chance to touch all of these people’s hearts in a special way with his one-of-a-kind friendship. If you were a part of Mason’s life he would make sure to have your back whether it be in the woods lost at night with no weapon or just someone to make you feel safe and comforted Mason was your man.

He loved the outdoors and just couldn’t get enough of the woods or a good old hunting or fishing trip. Just seeing the excitement on his face alone was worth a million bucks. One of his favorite hobbies was glass blowing, he liked to make different artistic glass pieces and mostly just gave them away sometimes to people he knew and sometimes it could just be any random person, but the special part to him was giving the gift and making sure to deliver it with a smile.

Mason is survived by Athena Buck; mother, Renee Buck; father, Guard Buck; grandparents, Irene and Gary Fontaine; brother, Hunter Buck; sister, Crystal Roberts; best uncle ever, Greg Buck; Adriana, Diego, Thalia, Samantha, Akerra, Anria, Jeremiah and hundreds of loved friends across the country!

A Celebration of Life will be held December 5, 2020 at 3 pm at Borst Park kitchen # 2. It will be a POTLUCK (not required) please everyone come we would like to see as many faces as possible on this day we honor Mason’s life.