More Than $5,600 Raised for L.C. Renal Alliance at Napavine Rebekah Lodge


The Trinity Rebekah Lodge in Napavine held a spaghetti and bingo fundraising event on May 7 in support of the L.C. Renal Alliance. The lodge was packed with families of all ages enjoying an evening of fun. Alberta Luurs presented Chris, Danielle and Lawsyn Rovito with the $5,604.50 raised for L.C. Renal Alliance from the event. The Rebekah Lodge and L.C. Renal Alliance look forward to doing it all again on July 16 following the Napavine Funtime Festival. The L.C. Renal Alliance is a non-profit organization formed by Chris and Danielle Rovito after their daughter, Lawsyn, was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). The organization aims to help other children and families affected by nephrotic syndrome, FSGS and other kidney diseases. Learn more at