Morton Elementary School Hosts Fishing Day for Students


Morton Elementary School isn’t normally a good fishing hole, but with the help of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, Morton students got the chance to go fishing on school grounds Monday.

Elementary and middle school students each had the opportunity to fish for trout out of tanks brought by Fish and Wildlife to the elementary school.

School staff, high school students and some Fish and Wildlife officials helped students catch the fish, as well as clean and pack them so students could bring their catch home at the end of the day.

“A lot of the kids came back the next day talking about how they ate it, or their mom or dad cooked it and they ate it, some of them said they are smoking it,” said Morton Elementary School Principal Josh Brooks. “Lots of positive comments from the kids and parents that we talked to.”

The only hiccup to the otherwise smooth event was that the fish stopped biting early on, said Brooks. “So we had to adjust.”

The district thanked the Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as local citizens, for helping bring the event together.

“Hopefully, this can become an annual event,” the Morton School District stated in a Facebook post.