Mount Rainier National Park Announces Temporary Closure of Carbon River Area


Mount Rainier National Park Deputy Superintendent Kevin Skerl recently signed an emergency regulation closing parts of the Carbon River area of the park.

Effective immediately, the public is barred from the Carbon River Trail and all attached trailheads until further notice.

“The closure is due to erosion by the Carbon River, which has washed out the start of the Carbon River Road at the park boundary, and due to continued heavy precipitation, high river levels and unstable trail conditions,” a news release stated.

There currently is no safe way to access the Carbon River Trail, Rainforest Loop Trail, Green Lake Trail, Chenuis Falls Trail or the Ipsut Creek Campground, stated the release.

Since last winter, the Fairfax Forest Reserve Road has been partially washed out just west of the Carbon River entrance. The remainder of the road eroded away on Friday, Nov. 12.