News Dump Ep. 172: Associating with Old Godless Women


On the 172nd episode of The Chronicle News Dump, host Aaron VanTuyl welcomes on a slew of guests to discuss local news and events.

Local comedy promoter Gabe Botten and Centralia city councilor Cameron McGee discuss the upcoming Adam Ray show to benefit the Washington Association of Culture and Art, Centralia’s potential district change, and a new Chehalis city councilor.

Then (at the 19:34 mark) sports editor Josh Kirshenbaum fulfills a yearlong dream to appear on the OTHER Chronicle podcast to cover the latest in the YMCA saga and run through this week’s segments. Email us at Brought to you by SUMMIT FUNDING, CHEHALIS OUTFITTERS and THE ROOF DOCTOR! Listen to past episodes or subscribe here:

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