Parks Service Announces Mount Rainier Open Attractions


ASHFORD — Officials with the National Park Service announced on Monday said some portions of Mt. Rainier National Park remain closed and asked visitors to check before coming to the park to check the status of the roads, hours of operation and even the NPS's webcams to get a sense of the current conditions at the park.

According to a Park Service press release, parts of the roughly 263,000-acre park — which surrounds Washington's highest mountain peak — are currently closed:

  • Stevens Canyon Road from Bench Lake and the Grove of the Patriarchs (including Box Canyon) is closed to all traffic, including bicycles.
  • The Grove of the Patriarchs Trail (though parking and restrooms are open).
  • S.R. 410 from the north boundary of the park to Cayuse Pass.
  • White River Campground.
  • Sunrise Day Lodge (expected to open on June 30).
  • Mowhich Lake.
  • Chinook Pass (expected to reopen in mid-to-late June).
  • Tipsoo Lake.
  • Westside Road.

For more information about conditions at Mt. Rainier National Park, including the roads, call the park's information center at 360-569-2211, check out the park's Twitter feed at @MountRainierNPS, the park's website at