Pe Ell Mother Jailed After Allegedly Threatening Child With Knife and Trying to Take Children From Legal Guardians 


A Pe Ell woman is facing assault and burglary charges for allegedly threatening her parents and her children with a knife and forcibly taking one of her children from the residence before breaking a window in an attempt to retrieve the second child on Thursday. 

The 30-year-old woman, who The Chronicle is not identifying to protect the identities of her children, had reportedly arrived at her parents’ Gold Street residence the night before. Her parents, who are the guardians of her two children, had allowed her to stay overnight but asked her to leave the next day. The woman allegedly got into a fight with her 12-year-old child in the kitchen, “picked up a knife and held it above her head as if she was going to stab (the 12-year-old),” according to court documents. 

The woman’s mother reportedly stepped in between the two, at which point the woman allegedly threatened her mother with the knife. 

A Child Protective Services representative arrived at the residence after that initial incident. The woman allegedly then tried to leave the residence and grabbed her 10-year-old child by the wrist, pulling her along. When the woman’s mother tried to stop the woman from leaving, the woman allegedly punched her mother in the face. The 12-year-old then reportedly grabbed the woman and the two left the residence. The woman then allegedly broke the kitchen window and was attempting to get the 10-year-old to leave with her, according to court documents. 

The Pe Ell woman was booked into the Lewis County Jail at 4:20 p.m. on Jan. 20 and has been charged with one count of first-degree burglary, domestic violence; two counts of second-degree assault, domestic violence; and one count of fourth-degree assault, domestic violence.

During her preliminary hearing in Lewis County Superior Court on Friday, Judge James Lawler granted Deputy Prosecutor Paul Masiello’s request to set her bail at $100,000 due to multiple warrants on her criminal record and the violent nature of the alleged offense. 

“The state has concerns if she gets out of custody that she would try to take the kids,” said Masiello. 

Lawler also granted Masiello’s request for protection orders protecting the two children and the woman’s mother.