Port of Centralia Takes Steps Toward WinCo Deal for Centralia Station


As announced during a Port of Centralia meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Powell Development will now move into a purchase and sale agreement with WinCo Foods LLC.

Kyle Heaton, executive director of the port, said the contract would give WinCo until Nov. 18 to complete their due diligence process and that “a great portion of their diligence is already completed.” The company is eligible for purchasing up to three 90-day extensions for $50,000 each, if necessary.

During the meeting, port commissioner Peter Lahmann moved to table the agreement between the developer and WinCo, saying that he did not receive the informational packet about the agreement prior to the meeting. His motion did not receive a second on the three-person commissioner board.

The other two commissioners, Julie Shaffley and Kyle Markstrom, said they didn’t know why Lahmann didn’t have the packet, because both of them did.

Shaffley and Markstrom then moved and seconded the WinCo agreement, respectively. In a vote, the two voted for the action while Lahmann voted against it.

“This is exciting and I can see that for the community and for the county as a whole, this is an exciting day,” Shaffley said.

Lahmann agreed, but simply said without reviewing the packet beforehand, he couldn’t vote to move forward.

The new WinCo store is planned for Centralia Station, a development near Mellen Street that has long been in the works.

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